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05.07.2016 20:18

The modern generation does not think of itself without the Internet, mobile phones, tablets, computers. It seems that life will be defective if you are not able to own all the knowledge of modern life tools. Irrespective of the age, each person needs the communication with his relatives, native and just familiar people. All this has cast the thought of the “Grandmother is a  Blogger” program. The program for elderly people allowing old men to seize the bases of the computer literacy, and the most important, to receive then necessary skills for the communication with their children and grandsons living abroad.

The program was started on January 11, 2016. The project is volunteering one, the 16-year-old teenager Burtsev Leonid directs it. To get on the program, our grannies register beforehand. Now, the  record for June 2016 is completed. Grandmothers and grandfathers with great pleasure attend the classes, exchange the acquired information, ask many questions which Leonid with pleasure answers.

There is nice to note that the program has huge success among the members of the Jewish community. We  wish to it good luck and further prosperity.

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